1.1 No. 050 – The Nature of Death

The Protestant claims that every human is destined to an everlasting existence, either in Heaven or in Hell; moreover, the Protestant claims that the essence of man is an Immortal Soul resident in the body of flesh. Thus does the Protestant Faith deny the reality of death. Moreover, many Protestant concepts relating to death and to life beyond the Grave are false or are filled with error, having been drawn from the mythology of the Talmudic Jew.

The Scripture declares that Man is a chemical organism of the Natural Realm. The Scripture teaches that Man is animated by a Spirit of Life which is imparted at birth, and that not until impartation of the animating spirit does Man become a living being. The Scripture reveals that death occurs when the animating spirit departs the body; this departure marks the cessation of the existence of the individual as a living being. The Scripture states that, apart from the Resurrection Out From the Dead, Man has no existence beyond the Grave. According to the Scripture, the vast majority of humans have only the present life, then cease to exist; however, a few are called to qualify for resurrection to everlasting life in the service of the Kingdom of God.

The Scripture reveals that the Earth shall be populated with humans indefinitely into the future. This mortal population is governed with justice by the everlasting Kingdom of God, over which Christ Jesus for ever reigns as King. The Scripture speaks of endless generations of mortals able to enjoy the fruits of their labour, with lifespan being on the order of a thousand years. The Scripture notes that, at present, the populace of the Earth, labouring under the oppression of human government, groans in longing for the revealing of the Sons of God. The manifestation of the Sons is the Resurrection of the Justified. Raised from the Dead, the Justified are born into the family of God and placed as mature Sons, that they might take their places as officers of the Kingdom and commence the work of righteous and just governance.

This study is the only comprehensive study known to the author which establishes from the Scripture the nature of life, the moment at which life begins, the nature of death, and the moment at which life ends.

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