2.11 Counterfeits & Forgeries (270 -)

No. 270 - The Epistle of James :: A Talmudic Primer

No. 271 - Revelation, Jude, & II Peter :: Talmudic Mythology Concerning Rebellion in the Angelic Realm

No. 272 - Song of Solomon :: Talmudic Doggerel and Drivel

No. 273 - Esther :: An Insolent Tale Concocted to Vindicate Vengeance by the Jew

No. 274 - The Tale of the Woman Taken in Adultery

The well-known Tale of the Woman Taken in Adultery found in John 8:3-11 is popular because it portrays Christ Jesus as non-judgmental and unconditionally forgiving. But, despite its popularity, the tale has no rightful place in the Canon of Scripture. It is a spurious addition, and not a part of the Gospel Account attributed to John. It presents an erroneous portrayal of the incarnate Christ; it misrepresents the character of the Talmudic Jew; and it mocks the Law of Moses. The tale is an example of the Leaven of the Jew against which Jesus and the Apostles repeatedly warned.

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No. 275 - The Book of Jude

No. 276 - The Second Epistle of Peter