2.6 The Incarnation (130 -)

No. 130 - The Word Made Flesh

No. 131 - The Crucifixion & The Fall of Rome

No. 132 - Silver & Gold vs. the Blood of Christ Jesus

In the short epistle of Peter is found one of the most profound declarations in all of the Scripture; it is a declaration regarding the value of the blood of Christ Jesus. And while the blood is representative of the life of Jesus, and its loss, the sacrificial death, the declaration abounds with irony, the understanding of which is essential to a proper appreciation of the declaration. But few teachers, commentators, and pastors appear to have grasped the irony.

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No. 133 - The Sign of Jonah :: Three Days & Three Nights

No. 134 - The Blood of Christ

No. 135 - The Necessity of the Virgin Birth :: The Curse Upon Coniah

No. 136 - The Genealogy of Christ Jesus

No. 137 - The Roles of the Word of God

No. 138 - The Glorification of the Christ

No. 139 - The Self-Resurrection Heresy

No. 140 - The Hupostasis Heresy