2.3 What We Believe

Our “Statement of Beliefs” is the content of the Scripture.21 We are not affiliated with any Protestant denomination. We are “Christian,” period.

Russell Lee Harris

(2022.03.06 0400gmt)

21Each Protestant denomination typically has a “Statement of Beliefs.” This is done partly to guard against misinterpretation of the Scripture by future generations, with the implied assumption that the interpretation of those writing the statement is without fault. But time and time again, history has proved the assumption false. It is better for each generation to approach the Scripture directly and make its own interpretation. Generally, such statements may be traced back to the Westminster Confession and the attendant pair of Catechisms. But the Westminster Confession is the logical descendant of the “Tradition of the Elders” of Talmudic Judaism. Though both the Westminster Confession and the Jewish Tradition ostensibly are commentaries or glosses of the Scripture, they in fact are venerated above the Scripture. The Protestant resolves doctrinal matters by consultation of the Westminster Confession, and never by going directly to the Scripture.