1.4 No. 086 – Testing & the “Way of Escape”

Because of a poor translation of a single verse of Scripture, countless Christians in the face of testing have in vain prayed and searched for a way of escape, some losing their faith because the anticipated deliverance did not come. The verse in question—I Corinthians 10:13—when correctly translated and seen in light of a passage in the Twelfth Chapter of Hebrews, reveals a remarkable truth concerning testing; yet the truth has gone unnoticed by virtually everyone. Contrary to popular notion, the Lord God does not provide a “way of escape” from testing. Rather, the Lord provides instead an outcome or “sequel” which is designed to motivate and encourage the Justified to endure to the end the episode of testing which the Lord brings upon him.

(2021.10.17 0330gmt)

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